1. Triangular Arbitrage

Triangular Arbitrage is a discrepancy between the prices of three or more cryptocurrency coins. Unlike conventional arbitrage where the arbitrageur (the client) takes advantage of the different prices offered between exchanges, in triangular arbitrage the arbitrageur takes advantage on the corrolation of three or more coins on various exchanges. The number of the exchanges needs to be equal with the number of coins that are triangulary arbitraged. This will ensure clean and instant transactions that are easier to follow and better managed. The main mechanism that provides the arbitrageur the gap to take advantage of, is the instant transactions that the arbitrageur does with himself. For us to further understand how triangular arbitrage works we need to comprehend that for any transaction there are two parties. The seller of a coin and the buyer of the coin. In triangular arbitrage the arbitrageur becomes both, by selling one coin to himself. The arbitrageur on a simple example would be the seller or sender of a coin on one exchange and the buyer or reciever on the other. For this example we will confide that the arbitrageur is using 3 exchanges (A, B and C) and is moving between 3 coins (X, Y and Z). So the same person is the seller or sender of coin X on exhcange A and the buyer or reciever of the same coin, X on the exchange B but at the same time is the seller or sender of coin Y on exchange B and the buyer or reciever of the coin Y on exchange C where at the same time he is the seller or sender of the coin Z from exchange C and the buyer or reciever of the coin Z on exchange A. So the same person using at the same time 3 exchanges A, B and C and takes advantage of the arbitraging gaps that appear between coins X, Y and Z. If this sound too complicated, rest assured since the proccess is automated in our pro services. Unlike conventional Arbitrage where the arbitrageur awaits for gaps to be created and to be taken advantage of, in Triangular Arbitrage the process is absolute and ongoing. This means that the arbitrageur is earning passive income for a longer period of time since a gap can be better exploited. Triangular Arbitrage is apart ouf Arbia's Pro Services and a fee will apply before the activation. The process will be automated for the next 30 days (period of time that our statistics show as sufficient to maximize the profits without compromising the proccess).